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Highcross Shopping Centre is an accident black spot

A large number of claims for compensation have been instigated following slips and falls in the car park of a shopping centre. Reports show that they arise from accidents at the Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester. In one claim settlement, a woman was paid £3,700 after falling on a wet floor and breaking an ankle.

In a previous incident, it is reported that another woman received what is described as a significant sum in compensation, after slipping at the centre and fracturing her right shoulder.

In addition to these claims, there seems to be at least three ongoing injury claims for similar accidents, that all occurred at the shopping centre last year. One apparently involved a woman slipping as she was going to her car. She was caused to strike her head on the bumper of another parked vehicle, as well as sustaining a broken leg.

A statement made by a safety consultant indicated that at the time of the accidents, the surface of the car park bridge had a high risk incident factor. This was created when it was wet from rain, causing users to slip. Subsequently, various safety improvements have been carried out, which include the placing of mats at the entrance.