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Burn Injury At Work Claims

Burns are among the most painful types of injuries that a person can sustain.  Aside from having the possibility of disfigurement and scarring, serious burn injuries also cause damage to internal organs.  People who sustain burn injuries may also suffer the psychological effects of the injury.

Burn injuries at work are quite common because there are many ways in which people can sustain burn injuries.  There have also been cases where people have been killed as a result of severe burns.  Many people who sustain burn injuries are left with permanent scarring.  Some even have to undergo numerous surgical procedures.  Burn injuries can be quite complex because they can affect bones, blood vessels, nerves as well as muscles.

There are certain jobs where the risk of sustaining burns is high.  In these professions, the employer is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of the workers.  Employers must ensure that they take the steps necessary to reduce the risk of such injuries and keep workers safe whilst they are at work.

In a workplace, burn injuries can be sustained in many different ways.  However, the most common cause is faulty electrical equipment.  Such equipment not only give shocks, but they can leave the victim with severe burn injuries.  They also have the potential to cause damage to the eyes, nervous system, internal organs and the heart.

Acids, chemicals, corrosives and alkaline substances used at the workplace can also cause burn injuries.

Sometimes, liability for burn injuries sustained at the workplace lies with the person who has been injured if he has failed to follow workplace procedures and instructions properly.  But, if the employer has failed in his duty of care such as if the employer has failed to provide training, appropriate personal protective clothing or adequate supervision, then the employer can he held liable for the accident.

In such cases, a burn injury at work claim may be possible against the employer.

When making a burn injury at work claim, it is always helpful to gather evidences and documents related to your injury.  It may also be useful to obtain contact details of witnesses.  You should seek proper medical attention and speak to specialist solicitors about your injury.

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