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Causes Of Burn Injuries At Work

A burn injury can be extremely painful and it can affect the skin as well as the organ tissues.  Burn injuries at work can be caused by heat, chemicals, radiation and electricity.

If you have suffered a burn  injury at work, you may be able to make a burn injury at work claim.

Given below are some of the main causes of burn injuries at work.

Chemicals – in most workplaces, employees are required to handle hazardous substances and chemicals.   Dangerous chemicals, if not stored or handled properly can cause pain, numbness, irritation, burning, blisters and dead skin.  If the injuries affect the face, hands or legs, they can leave behind severe scarring, the effect of which can be quite disturbing for the victim.

Electricals – defective wiring, faulty power tools and ladders coming into contact with overhead power lines can cause burn injuries.  Gardening, farming and landscaping equipment are common causes of burn injuries.

Gas explosions – accidental gas explosions in workplaces such as commercial kitchens can cause serious burn injuries.

Fires – sometimes, accidents take place and buildings catch fires.  If the workers are unable to escape on time or if they become trapped inside the building, they can sustain severe burn injuries.

Flammable liquids – thinners, cleaners, solvents, pains and adhesives are flammable liquids which can burn at slightly high temperatures.

Hot liquid – people who work in restaurants and commercial kitchens are at a risk of sustaining burn injuries caused by hot liquids.

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