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Common Office Accident Injuries

Accidents in offices are not as common as those that occur in construction or building sites.  But, due to negligence and carelessness, accidents in office environments do take place, but in most cases, they only result in minor injuries.

There are certain risks and dangers of working in an office and there are a number of different types of accident that can affect office workers.

If you work in an office and have suffered an injury due to the negligent act of someone else, you may be able to make an office accident claim.

Here’s a look at some of the common office accident injuries affecting workers in the UK.

Back injuries – injuries to the back can be sustained as a result of prolonged sitting in one position.  Moreover, it can also be sustained as a result of performing manual handling and heavy lifting tasks.

Crush injuries – manual handling and heavy lifting are not the major tasks which office workers are required to perform.  But there are times when they may be asked to perform such tasks.  When these tasks are performed without training, they can result in a variety of injuries including crush injuries if the load or object falls on the foot.

Fractures and broken bones – falls in offices are not uncommon and they can result in some of the nasty injuries including fractures and broken bones.

Head injuries – being hit by falling or flying objects can result in head injuries.

Bruising, hand and leg injuries – slips and trips commonly occur in all types of work environments.  They are also very common in offices.  Slips and trips can result in bruising, hand and leg injuries.  In the most severe cases, broken bones and fractures can also be sustained.

Repetitive strain injuries – since office workers are required to make use of computers for long periods of time, they are at a risk of suffering from a variety of repetitive strain injuries.

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