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Types Of Office Accidents

An office is a safe environment to work, but this may not be the case always.  If health and safety procedures are not followed, then simple things such as computer cables and obstacles in entryways can become hazardous and cause injuries.

If you have been injured as a result of an office accident, you may be able to make office accident claims.

There are many different types of accidents and injuries that can occur in office environments.  Here’s a look at some of the common ones.

Slips and trips

These are the most common types of accidents in workplace.  They can occur in any kind of workplace, but they are mostly common in offices due to trailing computer and hardware cables, obstacles in walkways, wet flooring, slippery surfaces and so on.   It is essential that measures are taken to prevent slips and trips as such accidents can result in nasty injuries.  Common sense measures such as gathering hardware wires properly, signposting slippery areas and getting rid of obstacles and obstructions from walkways can go a long way in solving the issue.


Office workers are generally required to work with computers.  This means that they have to sit in one position for long hours and make use of the mouse and keyboard.  Excessive repetitive motion or movement can result in repetitive strain injuries.  The hands and wrists are mainly affected in office related repetitive strain injuries.

Manual handling accidents

Manual handling requires adequate training to be performed correctly.  If the person performing manual handling is not adequately trained, they can sustain a variety of injuries, with back injuries being the most common.  Arm, hand, neck and shoulder injuries are also common.  Moreover, dropping heavy load on the foot can also result in serious crush injuries.

Electric shocks

Untested electrical equipment or badly wired equipment can result in electric shocks and burn injuries.  Therefore, it is essential that electrical equipment and appliances used in offices are tested on a regular basis.

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