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Crane Accident Compensation Claims

Cranes are widely used in the construction and building industries. Although, accidents related to cranes are quite rare, but when they take place, they result in serious injuries and even fatalities. In the UK, it is estimated that on average, at least one person is killed every year in an accident involving cranes. In most cases, accidents take place due to negligence and carelessness.

If you have been involved in a crane accident due to no fault, you may be eligible to make crane accident compensation claim.

Common Types of Crane Accidents

Some of the common types of crane accidents include:

  • collapsing cranes
  • crane coming into contact with overhead power lines
  • load falling from the crane and injuring workers on the ground
  • faulty parts causing injuries and accidents
  • accidents caused by lack of training, experience and supervision
  • accidents caused by human errors made whilst assembling or disassembling
  • crane or the load coming into contact with tall structures such as buildings and scaffolding
  • crush injuries caused by falling loads

It is important for the employer to carry out risk assessments in order to assess the movement of the load, check the suitability of the equipment, plant and procedures which are used and also adopt safety measures to ensure the safety of workers. Training must be provided to workers who operate cranes and to all those workers whose jobs involve locating the load, securing the load and slinging.

Whether it is a minor injury or a serious injury, injuries resulting from crane accidents can cause a great deal of difficulty to the victim and the family. The impact of the injury is not only physical, but financial and psychological as well. Therefore, if you have suffered injuries as a result of a crane accident, it is important for you to consider putting up a claim for compensation.

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