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Common Causes Of Crane Accidents

In the UK, cranes are used every day in large scale operations.  Cranes are used in the construction industry as well as in the mining, light and heavy engineering and the maritime industry. Cranes can be extremely dangerous machinery as they can result in very serious accidents.

In fact, a large number of crane-related accidents take place every year in the UK.  There are many reasons as to why crane accidents take place.  Here’s a look at some of the common causes of crane accidents.

Crane collapsing – cranes can collapse due to a variety of reasons.  Usually, to counterbalance the weight of the crane, out-rigging systems and even counterweights are used by the cranes.  This prevents the crane from collapsing. However, if the maximum weight which the crane can withstand is exceeded, then there is a danger of collapsing or buckling.

Incorrect assembly – improper assembly of cranes is perhaps one of the main reasons they collapse.  It is essential that the crane has proper metal and wood supports so that the weight is stabilised.  If proper blocking is not there, it is possible for the unbalanced load to move.  This can result in serious accidents.

Inadequate crane operator training – it is essential that crane operators receive adequate training in relation to the operation of the crane and safety procedures.  Employers must ensure that crane operators are adequately trained and complete safety courses which are related to crane operations.  In addition to these, employers must provide instructions and information on how to avoid crane operations.

Mechanical failures – a large number of crane accidents can be attributed to mechanical failure.  Therefore, it is essential that routine maintenance is followed so that crane accidents are prevented.  Crane components must be oiled regularly and parts which are worn out must be replaced or repaired.

Making contact with power lines – cranes are large structures and due to their height, there are always risks of making contact with overhead power lines.  Electrocution can occur if people working on the crane come into contact with power lines.  Injuries resulting from shocks and electrocution can be extremely serious.

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