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Factory Accident Prevention

In the UK, thousands of people get involved in factory accidents every year. There are many causes of factory accidents. Although some accidents take place without someone’s fault, there are times when factory accidents take place due to negligence. Unfortunately, most of the accidents in which workers suffer injuries and losses could have been prevented.

It is the duty of every employer to provide a safe working environment to the workers. There are a number of steps that employers can take to prevent factory accidents from taking place. Here are some of the things that employers can do to protect workers from risks of hazards and accidents.

To improve overall safety, employers must carry out risk assessments on a regular basis. This will enable them to identify risks of hazards which can lead to injuries and accidents.

If there are risks, employers must take preventative measures to reduce these risks.

A look at the accident book can help the employer find out which other areas need to be focused on. If accidents have taken place in the factory previously, the employer must take measures to ensure that similar accidents do not happen again.

New employees must receive induction training into the safety procedures. The employer must ensure that every employee complies with the safety rules at all times.

Every employee must receive adequate training for the kind of job they are required to perform. If the employee is required to undertake manual handling and lifting job, he must receive adequate training to carry out the task safely. On the other hand, if the job involves an employee to handle hazardous substances, proper training must be provided on careful handling and storage of these substances.

Slips and trips accidents must be prevented by ensuring that floors are cleaned up immediately after spillages. Walkways must be kept free of obstruction and signs must be displayed to warn employees against wet and slippery floors.

Employees must be provided with adequate personal protective equipment.

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