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Falling Object Compensation Claims

If you have sustained injuries caused by falling objects at the workplace, you may be eligible to make falling object compensation claims.

Some of the common injuries which are caused by being struck by falling objects include cuts and abrasions. Falling objects on a construction site can include bricks, hand held tools, buckets, debris, saws and other equipments. Objects can be heavy or light and therefore the type of injury sustained usually depends on the type of impact.

In most cases, injuries caused by falling objects are minor. However, in the most serious cases, injuries are severe. In the UK, there have also been cases where accidents caused by falling objects have resulted in fatalities.

It is the duty of every employer to ensure that:

  • Items stored at height are secured properly so that they do not fall.
  • Racking or shelving used for storing items at height are strong enough and safe
  • Workers are aware of the potential risks of the items which have been stored at height
  • Workers are provided with the correct equipment to transport and store items at height
  • Equipments and machinery used at the workplace are well maintained and safe to use
  • Regular risk assessments are conducted into the transportation and storage of objects at height.

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