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Fractures At Work Compensation Claims

Fracture is a medical term used to describe any kind of cracked, crushed or broken bone. Fractures range in severity and the severity usually depends on the amount of force that was applied to that particular part of body. Simple fractures can include a single crack and compound fractures can include broken bones protruding through the skin.

Fractures can be caused in a number of circumstances. In a work environment, it can be caused as a result of slips and trips, falls from heights or falls through ceilings and roofs.

In the UK, the construction industry is one of the risky industries where injuries such as fractures are quite common. It is the duty of the employer to ensure that workers are protected from risks of injuries and illnesses. Employers must make sure that workers are not exposed to risks and hazards which can cause fractures and other types of injuries.

We Can Help You Make Fractures At Work Compensation Claims

Fractures can result in pain and even disabilities. For this reason, it is important that you consider making a fractures at work claim if you believe your employer is responsible for your condition.

At, we have expert work accident compensation claim solicitors who can help you make fractures at work compensation claims. We can handle your claim using a risk free No Win No Fee scheme and also offer a 100% compensation guarantee.

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