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Common Causes Of Head Injuries At Work

Any kind of injury to the head must not be taken lightly.  In fact, medical attention should be sought as soon as possible following the injury because damage may not be apparent immediately.  Although most head injuries are not serious, it is essential that victims seek medical attention to prevent further damage.  Head injuries at work can occur due to many reasons.

They can be characterised by concussion and result in internal bleeding leading to long term and serious consequences which can include coma as well as paralysis.

If you have suffered injuries to your head at work and if it was caused due to no fault, you may be able to make head injury at work claims.

Head injuries at work can be caused due to many reasons.  Give below are some causes of head injuries at work.

Falls from heights

This is a common cause of head injuries at work.  Groups of workers who are at a particular risk of falls from height include:

  • Construction workers
  • Roofers
  • Window cleaners
  • Warehouse operatives
  • Engineers

In fact, any person who works at heights without adequate protective gear can sustain serious head injuries if they fall.

Being hit by falling objects

Wherever overhead work is being carried out, there are risks of objects falling and causing injury to workers below.  Getting hit by falling objects can cause serious head injuries.   Such accidents and injuries are common in construction sites, but warehouse workers and those working in supermarkets are also at a risk of getting hit by objects which have not be stacked properly on high shelves.

Road accidents

Road accidents are quite common and they can affect any road users.  People whose job involves travelling can get involved in road accidents and sustain a variety of injuries including head injuries.