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How To Prevent Office Accidents

Office accidents take place due to many reasons and although there are rules and regulations in place, accidents taking place in an office setting is a common occurrence. But, there are just a fraction of these accidents which are unpreventable. In other words, a large number of office accidents can be prevented.

Given below are some of the ways on how to prevent office accidents.

To prevent slips, trips and falls, employees must remain vigilant whilst moving around in the office. They must ensure that they report any slipping or tripping hazards to the employer so that the problem can be rectified. They must make use of a stepladder when trying to obtain objects which are positioned high or out of reach. Spillages on the floor must be cleaned as soon as possible.

Manual handling and heavy lifting accidents can be prevented if workers are provided with adequate training on how to perform these tasks safely.

Bumps and bruises can be prevented if employees concentrate on the work at hand and concentrate whilst performing their tasks. In addition, the employer must also ensure that potentially dangerous objects are stored out of reach of employees.

Repetitive strain injuries which are caused by bad ergonomic planning can be prevented by designing comfortable workstations. Employees must take adequate breaks in between their tasks so that they do not strain their muscles.

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