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Inadequate Training Accident Compensation Claim

Lack of training or not receiving proper training can cause accidents and injuries. Some examples of injuries caused by inadequate training include:

  • burns and electric shocks by using low or high voltage equipments in the wrong way
  • incorrect use of equipment resulting in falls through roofs
  • incorrect use of ladders and scaffolding resulting in falls from heights
  • back injuries caused by making use of improper lifting and manual handling techniques
  • injuries caused by saws and drills simply because the right procedure for using these tools were not explained
  • crush injuries in warehouses caused by using improper lifting and stacking techniques
  • repetitive strain injuries caused by inadequate breaks

It is the duty of every employer to ensure that workers are well trained before they start work. Failure to provide adequate training to the workers can result in accidents and injuries and give rise to potential inadequate training accident compensation claims.

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