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Ladder Fall Accident Compensation Claims

Ladder fall accidents can cause significant injuries, and there are over one thousand people who sustain some sort of injury as a result of a work related ladder fall accident. There are many reasons why ladder fall accidents take place. Let us look at some of the common causes of ladder fall accidents.

One of the major causes of ladder fall accidents is structural problems with the ladder. Another common cause is human error. When ladders are used at the workplace, it is important that they are properly maintained. When a ladder is kept in a poorly maintained condition, the rungs will become weak and give way. This can cause a worker to fall and sustain injuries.

Other problems can be slippery rungs or rungs clogged with debris. This problem often arises as a result of poor weather conditions.

In addition, when ladders are unsuitable for the job, accidents can still take place. For example, if a worker is required to work at a height, but he is provided with a ladder that is too short, he will be required to over-extend himself which can lead to falling.

Lack of secure grips on the ladder is another common cause of ladder fall accidents.

Making A Compensation Claim

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