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Machinery Accident Compensation Claim

A machinery accident compensation claim can be pursued if an individual has sustained personal injuries at work as a result of a machinery related accident. Machinery accident claims can be quite straightforward if it can be established that the accident took place due to the negligence of another person.

There are many causes of machinery accidents and in most cases, it is attributed to inadequate safety measures and untidy workplaces. In the UK, it is the responsibility of the employer to make sure that workers are protected against all risks of hazards and accidents. It is their responsibility to ensure that the workplace is safe.

Here are some of the common issues which relate to machinery accidents at the workplace.

  • burns and shocks from faulty electrical equipments
  • lack of personal protective equipment
  • unguarded machines which leaves arms and hands of the workers exposed to danger
  • faulty machinery
  • flying debris

Common machinery accidents mostly involve the hands, arms and fingers. In most cases, it also includes the eyes. With unguarded and unsafe machinery, hands, arms and fingers can become trapped. The consequences of a machinery accident can be devastating because apart from injuries such as cuts and lacerations, it can also lead to amputations.

Every employer in the UK is required by the law to ensure that machinery and equipments used in the workplace is safe and well maintained. It is required that every employer complies with the health and safety laws and regulations. When employers oblige by the laws, they can prevent machinery accidents from taking place.

Unfortunately, there are many employers who do not take health and safety issues seriously. If the employer has a relaxed approach to health and safety, it can lead to accidents and injuries taking place at the workplace. This in turn can give rise to machinery accident compensation claims if an innocent employee has suffered injuries due to no fault.

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