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Slips And Trips At Work Claims

According to the Health and Safety Executive, slips and trips at work are the most common cause of injury to workers.  Such accidents can occur inside the premises as well as outside.

In the UK, thousands of slips and trips accidents occur at the workplace and in most cases, it is due to negligence on the part of the employer.  In fact, slips and trips are such accidents that are quite easy to prevent and avoid, yet they account for the highest number of workplace injuries.

Simple risk assessment of the premises can help reduce the risk of slips and trips.  Once a risk assessment has been carried out, it is possible to identify the hazards and it becomes easy to adopt measures to prevent the accidents.

It is the duty of the employer to prevent accidents from happening at the workplace.  The employer must take actions to reduce their risks and ensure that the premises are in a safe state of repair.  Apart from hazards on the floor, risk of leaks from plumbing systems, roofs, tanks and oil pipes must be eliminated.  They must also provide handrails, anti slip coatings, anti slip mats and encourage workers to wear anti slip footwear.

If there are potholes, they must be repaired.  It is also essential to monitor adverse weather conditions so that water does not accumulate near entryways and car parks which can give rise to slips and falls.  A proper system of cleaning must also be in place.  During icy weather conditions, a system of sanding, gritting and salting must be in place to treat snow and frozen surfaces.

Although it is the duty of the employer to keep the workplace safe, employees must also pay attention to their own actions.  For example, if an employee spills something on the floor, he must arrange to get it cleaned immediately.  Moreover, warning signs must be placed if floors have been cleaned and mopped.  Taking all these steps can help avoid people becoming victims of slips and trips at work.

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