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Tiredness Accident Compensation Claims

No matter which type of industry you work in, it is the duty of your employer to ensure that you are protected from risks of accidents and injuries. Your employer must ensure that work is properly organised and shift work arrangements are planned carefully.

Fatigue and tiredness is an increasing problem in industries where jobs are stressful and demanding. If your employer requires you to work long shifts or perform physically demanding tasks, he must ensure that he is aware of the risks of tiredness and fatigue.

Your employer must understand and take into account the link between accidents and work related tiredness. This means that the employer must take the steps necessary to reduce the risks of accidents and injuries which can be caused as a result of excessive tiredness.

Effects Of Work Related Tiredness

When employees experience excessive tiredness, they:

  • Are less alert which decreases their reaction time
  • Find it difficult to concentrate and as a result, make ill-judged decisions
  • Do not perform well which in turn affects their productivity
  • Are unable to follow safety procedures
  • Are likely to make errors which can affect their health and safety and result in accidents or injuries

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