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Types Of Building Site Accidents

In the UK, thousands of people get involved in building site accidents every year. Since building sites are potentially dangerous workplaces, injuries sustained by workers are often serious. Building site accidents also cause a number of deaths every year. If you have been involved in a building site accident due to no fault, you may be eligible to make building site accident compensation claim.

There are many reasons why building site accidents take place. Some of the common types of building site accidents include:

Slips and Trips – common causes of slips and trips include debris left on the ground, slippery surfaces such as slippery scaffolding and ladders, trailing wires, etc.

Falling from Heights – workers are often required to work on scaffoldings on a construction site. Falling from heights is one of the most common scaffolding related accidents in which workers sustain serious injuries and even death. Common causes of falls from heights include slippery surfaces, defective scaffolding, inadequate training, lack of supervision, not making use of the correct equipment, etc.

Crane Accidents – although crane accidents are not very common, they result in serious injuries when they take place. Crane accidents mostly take place when crane operators are not provided with adequate training. It also occurs when cranes come into contact with overhead power lines, or when there is lack of communication between the operators and the workers.

Being Hit By Falling Objects – workers on the ground are always at a risk of being hit by falling objects when overhead work is being carried out. Injuries sustained as a result of being hit by falling objects can range from minor to serious. It can also cause blindness and death.

We Can Help You Make Building Site Accident Compensation Claims

If you or a family member has suffered injuries in a building site accident, you can get in touch with our solicitors today for more information on how to make a building site accident compensation claim.

Although it is quite difficult to pursue a claim against the employer, we will do our best so that the best possible outcome is achieved. We will not let you settle for less. If it can be established that your employer was at fault, we will fight for your rights until justice is served.

We will deal with your building site accident compensation claim on a risk free No Win No Fee basis. In addition, we will also offer a 100% compensation guarantee.

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