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Types Of Factory Accidents

In the UK, factories are among the most dangerous workplaces where a number of different types of accidents and injuries take place every year. If you have been involved in a factory accident due to no fault, you may be eligible to make factory accident compensation claims.

Factory accidents take place due to many reasons. Although, some of them are not preventable, there are many which can be prevented. Common causes of factory accidents include:

  • overlooking safety hazards intentionally
  • making use of equipment which is no longer safe or outdated
  • operating machinery which does not have safeguards to protect workers
  • improper storage of chemicals
  • defective machinery
  • lack of training
  • lack of personal protective equipment
  • not enforcing adequate safety measures
  • failure on the part of employers to identify potential risks and hazards

Common types of factory accidents include:

Machinery accidents – making use of machinery which is not maintained in good working condition can result in accidents and injuries.

Manual handling and lifting accidents – often takes place when workers have not been given adequate training on how to perform these tasks safely.

Slips and trips – can occur as a result of obstructed walkways, slippery floor, trailing wires from work equipments, spillages on the floor which has not been cleaned, etc.

Repetitive strain injury – occurs as a result of overusing muscles, tendons and nerves. Mostly affects people who perform repetitive tasks.

Forklift truck accidents – occurs when safety protocols are not followed. If forklift trucks and other vehicles are used in the factory, the employer must ensure that vehicle only and pedestrian only areas are marked clearly. Workers must be provided with adequate training on how to operate work vehicles.

Electrical accidents – occurs when defective electrical appliances and equipments are used.

Fires and explosions – occurs when hazardous substances and chemicals are not handled or stored properly.

We Can Help You Make A Factory Accident Compensation Claim

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