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Types Of Warehouse Accident

In the UK, thousands of people are employed in warehouses. Warehouses are busy work environments where we can find lots of workers and a range of activities going on everywhere. Workers are mostly required to carry out manual handling tasks in a warehouse environment and since they are surrounded by a range of products and equipments, they are at a risk of being involved in warehouse accidents.

Major accidents can take place in a warehouse even if a simply mistake is made. Therefore, it is important for the employer to have a safe system of work in order to protect workers from risks of accidents and injuries.

Employers are obliged to carry out risk assessments to identify potential risks and adopt safety measures to minimise those risks.

In addition, the employer must provide adequate personal protective equipment so that the workers are able to perform their tasks safely. Despite all these health and safety regulations which have been designed to protect workers, there are still occasions when warehouse accidents take place in which innocent workers suffer injuries.

Although there are numerous types of warehouse accidents, most of them are preventable. Here is a look at some of the common types of warehouse accidents.

Slips trips and falls – can occur due to slippery surfaces, wet floor, trailing wires, obstructions such as boxes on the floor, inadequate lighting, etc.

Manual handling accidents – can occur as a result of lack of training.

Accidents caused by hazardous substances – in some warehouse, workers are required to come into contact with chemicals and hazardous substances. Lack of training on how to handle or store these substances can cause injuries.

Fall from heights – can occur due to lack of training or making use of faulty equipments.

Being hit by an object – when goods are not stacked properly on high shelves, they can fall and injure workers below. In addition, since warehouses are usually packed with products, equipments and workers, any kind of moving object such as a mechanical picker can also cause accidents.

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