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Animal Attack Compensation Claims

Have you or your child suffered injuries in an animal attack?  If yes, you may be able to make animal attack compensation claims.

Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of children been bitten or mauled to death by animals such as dogs.  With the increase in imported breeds of dogs in the country, it is likely that the number of attacks and animals bites will continue to increase in the future.

Animal attacks can be carried out by domestic pets.  Dogs are mostly responsible for causing injury and harm to young children. However, other animals such as cattle, horses and zoo animals can also be responsible for such attacks.

Being injured or attacked by an animal can be an extremely terrifying experience.  It can cause pain and suffering and leave victims traumatised for years.  The psychological damage that is caused by an animal attack can last for years and it can leave victims scared of doing things that they otherwise used to enjoy doing.  For example, if a child has been bitten by a dog in the park, the child will be scared to go to the park alone.  The child may even be scared to leave the house.

It is the responsibility of animal owner to ensure that they do not cause injury or harm to others.  There are laws in place to protect members of the public from animal attacks.  For example, if a dog belongs to a dangerous breed, it is essential that it is muzzled when it is in public.  Moreover, they must be restraint by experienced handlers and when they are in public, there must be adequate signage to make others aware of their presence.

If a person has been injured or bitten by an animal, the owner will be responsible for the attack.

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