Injured in an accident that wasn't your fault?

If you have had an accident which was not your fault, we can help you make a no win no fee compensation claim


Shop Accident Compensation Claims

Accidents are a common occurrence and they can take place even in shops.  If you have been involved in a shop accident due to no fault, you may be eligible to put up a shop accident compensation claim.

Who Is Responsible For My Injuries?

In the UK, it is the responsibility of the owner or the operator of the shop to take care of your health and safety whilst in the shop. The shop owner or operator is responsible for ensuring that adequate safety measures are in place and risks of accidents and injuries are minimised.  For this reason, if a shop accident takes place due to no fault, the owner of the shop or the operator will be held responsible for your injuries.

Common Examples of Shop Accidents

Slips, trips and falls are the most common types of accidents which can take place in shops.  Some of the common causes of shop accidents which can give rise to potential shop accident compensation claims include:

  • spilt liquids or food items on the floor
  • falling objects from the shelves
  • floors being mopped and cleaned
  • tripping over boxes or other obstacles
  • snow, ice and snow which makes surfaces slippery

No Win No Fee Shop Accident Claims

You may be eligible to make a No Win No Fee shop accident compensation claim if you have suffered injuries in a shop accident due to no fault. solicitors are experts in handling all types of slips, trips and falls claims.  If you would like to receive expert legal advice about making a No Win No Fee claim, you can request a call back by completing our online claim form.

David was shopping in his local Tesco on his day off from working as a HGV driver. He was walking down the frozen food isle when he slipped on cold water which had been leaking from one of the freezer units. There were no wet floor signs or any other warnings that the floor was wet. David twisted his ankle and fell hard onto his right knee. A fellow shopper who witnessed the accident asked David if he was ok and then went to get help from a Tesco employee. The store manager attended the scene of the accident, and recorded details of what had happened in the accident book.

Although in pain, David initially decided not to seek medical attention for his injuries as he hoped the pain would ease off after some rest at home. However, by the end of the day his knee had become very swollen and he was not able to apply any pressure on his right leg. He was therefore taken to his local hospital by his partner. After an x-ray it was discovered that David had chipped a bone in his knee, and had torn ligaments.

Due to his injury, David was unable to work for 8 weeks. He therefore decided to seek advice on whether he could pursue a personal injury claim. After contacting, David was put in contact with a local firm of personal injury solicitors that are experienced in helping people with claims for slips, trips and falls. The solicitor helped David make a successful injury claim, which included compensation for his loss of earnings. The compensation he received also ensured David was able to receive additional physiotherapy to help aid his recovery.