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Types Of Defective Product Compensation Claims

Have you been injured or harmed due to a product you used after purchasing from a shop or a retail outlet? If yes, you may have a defective product compensation claim.  Although the range of these kinds of cases is broad, they fall into three categories.

Here’s a look at the three main types of defective product compensation claims.

Defectively manufactured

The most common type of product liability claim arises when injury has resulted from a product which was defectively manufactured.  A product is said to be defectively manufactured if it has some error in making.  For example, if you buy a swing set and if it has a cracked chain, the product can be said to be defectively manufactured.

Defectively designed

A product liability claim can also arise if the design of a product is defective.  Such claims do not arise due to an error in the manufacturing process.  They arise due to a whole line of product being defective.  For example, if you buy a pair of sunglasses, but it fails to provide protection against ultraviolet rays, it can be said that the product is defectively designed.

Failure to warn

The third type of claim can arise if the manufacturers of the products do not provide adequate information, warning or instructions on the proper use of the product.  For example, if the product is dangerous in some way and if the manufacturer has failed to warn customers about the special precautions they need to take when using the product, it can give rise to product liability claims.

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