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Farm Accident Compensation Claims

Just like other workplaces, farms are also places of work where a  small or large number of people can be employed depending on the size of the farm and requirement of the owner.  But, farms are regarded as one of the most dangerous work environments.  In the UK, the farming industry accounts for 1.7 percent of the workforce, but it accounts for almost 16 percent of fatal injuries to workers.

According to statistics, almost 49 people are killed in farm related accidents every year in the UK.  This means that at least one person is killed per week on farms.  Farm accidents not only involve farm workers.  It can involve children as well as members of the public.

Accidents on farms can be caused in a variety of ways.  Since heavy machinery and a whole lot of equipment are used on farms, they can result in a variety of injuries. In fact some of the most serious injuries on farms are caused due to defective machinery and equipment.  Moreover, lack of training on how to operate machinery and equipment safely is another common cause of farm accidents.

Farms are places where many different types of animals can be found.  This can include cows, sheep, goats, horses, cattle, etc.  Larger animals tend to be dangerous because of their strength, size and unpredictable nature.  Animals can cause injuries to humans.  In fact, injuries caused by farm animals can be very serious such as punctured lungs, fractures, broken ribs, etc.

People working on farms can develop many different types of diseases and illnesses.  Farmer’s Lung is a common disease which can be caused by breathing in dust from hay and mouldy crops.  It can also be caused by breathing in fumes and toxic gases and being exposed to contaminants.  Some of the common symptoms of Farmer’s Lung include general illness and shortness of breath.  If a person is exposed to dust over a long period of time, it can cause physical disabilities, permanent lung damage and even death.

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