Injured in an accident that wasn't your fault?

If you have had an accident which was not your fault, we can help you make a no win no fee compensation claim


Holiday Accident Compensation Claims


Specialist advice to secure you compensation from accidents abroad

You might have slipped in your hotel foyer, or been laid low with food poisoning in a local restaurant. Whatever the injury or illness you have suffered whilst on holiday, if you believe it to be someone else’s fault, you can usually make a successful compensation claim.

Navigating the rules and regulations of foreign countries can seem a little intimidating. But with you have local expert solicitors at your disposal who know their way around the legal systems of our neighbours in Europe and further afield.

This means you can make your compensation claim just as you would if you were injured at home.

And it won’t cost you a penny.

We work on a no win, no fee basis and we ensure you are completely protected from any legal costs or fees. What we win for you in a compensation claim, you keep.

Some of the most common causes of injuries sustained whilst on holiday:

Many people think they can’t make a compensation claim because their injury happened overseas. Certainly, the process can take a little longer, but with it doesn’t have to be any more difficult than when making a compensation claim at home.

We have considerable experience in successfully reaching a settlement for our clients for a wide range of accidents and illnesses, including:

  • Tripping on poorly maintained paths or pavements in a resort
  • Injuries from broken glass on a holiday company’s private beach
  • Falls due to faulty hotel balconies
  • Injuries from accidents on organised day trips

With our local expert lawyers, you pay nothing

  • We’re highly experienced in holiday compensation claims
  • We work on a no win, no fee basis
  • We make everything as simple as we can.

And from discussing the initial details of your compensation claim, to advising you on the amount of compensation you might get if your claim is successful, we’re here to help every step of the way.

In these cases, please note that we can’t always guarantee 100% compensation. But we do still stick to our no win, no fee policy. If you have any queries, please just ask us.

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