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Air Accident Compensation Claims

The airline industry has an excellent record for safety, but there are times when things go wrong.  If you have suffered injuries in an air accident, you may be eligible to make air accident compensation claims.

Airline Accident Compensation Claim Solicitors

Our airline accident compensation claim solicitors have the experience and knowledge to pursue claims arising out of air accidents.  Whether you suffered injuries due to the negligence of the airline manufacturer, the airline crew, the airplane maintenance company or the airplane parts manufacturer, we can help you make an air accident compensation claim.

It is really important to understand your legal rights following an air accident so that you are able to recover full compensation for the damages and losses you have suffered.  Aviation law is governed by International Conventions and a number of other legislations and for this reason, it can be quite difficult to pursue an air accident claim for compensation.  If you have suffered injuries in an air accident, it is advisable that you employ the services of a highly experienced air accident compensation claim solicitor. solicitors have successfully handled air accident compensation claims on behalf of;

  • surviving dependants of those killed in air accidents
  • injured passengers
  • injured bystanders
  • injured crew

Air Accident Examples

Air accidents can take place due to a number of reasons.  Some of the circumstances which can give rise to air accidents and potential air accident compensation claims include:

  • turbulence
  • slips and falls
  • plane crashes
  • being struck by a cabin trolley
  • objects falling from the overhead lockers
  • accidents caused by depressurization
  • burn injuries caused by spilling hot drinks

Legal Help With Air Accident Compensation Claims

Air accident compensation cases can be quite complex and it is important that you seek the services of specialist solicitors who are experienced in the field of holiday accident law. Air accident compensation claims are in most cases strongly contested and it takes the skill of a highly experienced holiday accident solicitor to recover maximum damages.

At, we can help you make an air accident compensation claim and recover the highest level of compensation within the shortest possible time.  Our accident compensation claim solicitors use a No Win No Fee scheme to handle all types of compensation claims and you don’t have to worry about any legal costs associated with pursuing a claim.

To start an air accident compensation claim, all you need to do is contact our specialist holiday accident compensation claim solicitors through our online claim form.