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Legionnaires’ Disease Claims

Legionnaire’s disease can be caused due to being exposed to the legionella pneumophila bacteria.  There are numerous strains of the Legionella bacteria and this disease can be caused by being exposed to any of the strains.   Exposure can occur when water droplets which contain the bacteria are inhaled.

When the bacteria make its way into the lungs, they multiply and cause symptoms which are similar to that of pneumonia.  Legionella bacteria need the correct conditions to thrive. The temperature has to be a minimum of 20 degrees and maximum of 45 degrees.   There also needs to be a source of food for the bacteria to thrive on.  It can either be rust or sludge.  In addition to this, there has to a way in which the water can cause droplets.  The disease causing bacteria can occur in any water system that has not been maintained or cleaned properly.  They can occur in air conditioning, spa pools, showers, etc.

Common Symptoms

The incubation period is usually seven days on average.  However, it can be as much as nineteen days.  During the first week, the symptoms can be really serious, but with time, the patients begin to recover.  Common symptoms include:

–         fever

–         high temperature

–         nausea

–         diarrhoea

–         joint pain

–         vomiting

–         abdominal pain

–         lack of coordination

–         pain in muscles

–         shortness of breath

–         pain in the chest

–         non productive cough

–         loss of energy

Owners of premises where the public has access to as well as employers have a duty to prevent others from being exposed to this disease causing bacteria.  They must conduct risk assessments and take the necessary steps to prevent exposure.  They must ensure that water systems are maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.

If you have contracted legionnaire’s disease whilst on holiday because someone had been negligent towards you, you may be able to make legionnaires disease claims.

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