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Common Causes Of Dermatitis

There are two main types of contact dermatitis. These include allergic and irritant contact dermatitis. Both of these can be caused by various irritating agents. Given below are some of the common causes of dermatitis.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis

This type of dermatitis occurs when an irritating substance touches the skin and causes a skin reaction. Although initial exposure does not cause a rash, it sensitises the skin so that the skin reacts to the next exposure.

There are a number of substances which can cause allergic contact dermatitis. These include:

  • Fragrances in shampoos, perfumes, soaps and lotions
  • Certain medications which when applied to the skin causes a skin reaction
  • Plant allergens such as poison oak and poison ivy
  • Tanning agents in leather, peeling of citrus, nickel found in jewelry, hair dyes, latex rubber, etc

Irritant Contact Dermatitis

Occurs when the irritating substances directly damages the skin. Common causes include:

  • chemicals such as solvents and industrial cleaning products
  • detergents and other household cleaners

Making Dermatitis Compensation Claims

If you have contracted occupational dermatitis as a result of your employer’s negligence, we can help you make dermatitis compensation claims on a risk free No Win No Fee basis.

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