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Industrial Deafness Compensation Claims

Industrial deafness can be caused as a result of being exposed to loud noises. This can either include a single loud noise such as the noise created by an explosion or continuous loud noise which is usually experienced in a factory where loud machinery is used on a daily basis.

Building site workers, demolition workers, factory workers and military personnel are some of the groups of people who are at a risk of developing industrial deafness. If you have developed industrial deafness as a result of your working conditions, it is important for you to consider making an industrial deafness compensation claim.

Making An Industrial Deafness Claim

In 1963, the UK government recognised that being exposed to loud noises at work could lead to hearing problems. Since then, all employers who require employees to work in noisy environments must:

  • Measure noise levels in the workplace frequently.
  • Reduce the levels if it is too high. The levels must be reduced to what is considered to be safe according to the guidelines set by the UK government. Noise levels in the workplace can be reduced by making use of better sound insulation and quieter machinery.
  • Provide adequate ear protection to the employees if it is not possible to reduce noise levels.

Starting An Industrial Deafness Compensation Claim

An industrial deafness compensation claim can be made if you have developed noise induced hearing loss due to the negligence of your employer. If it can be established that your employer did not take preventative measures to reduce noise levels in the workplace, you may be able to recover compensation for the pain and losses that you have suffered.

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