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Mercury Poisoning Compensation Claims

If you have suffered mercury poisoning at work due to the negligence of your employer, you may be able to make mercury poisoning compensation claims.  Mercury poisoning can occur after you have inhaled or ingested mercury or any of its compounds.  It can also occur if the substance comes into direct contact with your skin.  No matter which form mercury is in, it can be very toxic and its toxicity depends on its form.

In the UK, it was suggested by the Health and Safety Executive that the use of mercury has to be ceased by the year 2010.  But, accidents related to mercury do happen and lead to serious consequences for the victim. If you have suffered as a result of mercury poisoning at work, it is important for you to seek legal advice and put up a claim for compensation.

Mercury is a metallic element which is in liquid form under normal conditions.  When mercury is heated, it gives off a vapour which is not at all detectable.  Today, mercury is still being used in the production of many things.  They are used in the production of batteries, caustic soda, mascara, etc.  When the substance comes into direct contact with the skin or it is ingested or inhaled, it can lead to poisoning.

Common Symptoms

Long term exposure to mercury or any of its compounds can result in a number of health problems.  They can cause inflammation of the gums and mouth, gingivitis, muscle tremors, mood swings, kidney damage, memory loss, depression etc.  The victim may also feel a kind of metallic taste in the mouth.

Short term exposure to large amounts of the substance can cause inflammation of the tissues in the lungs, vomiting, nausea, kidney damage, breathing difficulties, diarrhoea and even death.  It usually takes a few days for the symptoms to be experienced following exposure to high levels of mercury.

Making A Compensation Claim

If you have suffered mercury poisoning at work because your employer had been negligent to provide you with a safe work environment, we can help you put up a claim for compensation.  Our specialist work injury lawyers have years of experience handling industrial disease claims.  Our lawyers use a risk free No Win No Fee policy to handle such claims.  You will also receive a 100% compensation guarantee if you choose us to represent you.

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