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Repetitive Strain Injury Solicitors

If you have suffered any form of repetitive strain injury at work, you must remember that you may be eligible to make repetitive strain injury claim.

In the UK, repetitive strain injury affects thousands of people every year. Since this condition can have devastating effects on the victim’s family relationships, social life and work, it is strongly recommended to make a claim for compensation.

At, our expert repetitive strain injury claim solicitors have years of experience in helping innocent victims of work injuries recover compensation for their pain and losses.

How Is Repetitive Strain Injury Caused?

Repetitive strain injury can be caused as a result of repeated physical movements. Work which is repetitive in nature such as typing can damage the tendons, muscles and nerves as well as other soft tissues. When work is repetitive, an individual uses the same groups of muscles over and over again throughout the day and frequent movements often cause muscle fatigue.

This happens because the muscles do not get sufficient rest which does not allow for recovery. Instead, there is build up of metabolic wastes and depletion of energy over a period of time which causes repetitive strain injury.

How We Can Help? solicitors can help you if you have developed any kind of repetitive strain injury as a result of your employer’s negligence. We have an expert and highly experienced team of repetitive strain injury solicitors who will be happy to speak with you regarding the circumstances of your case.

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