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Symptoms of RSI

It is known that RSI or repetitive strain injury falls into two broad categories which include localised conditions and diffuse conditions. Localised conditions include disorders which can be diagnosed and diffuse conditions are those which cannot be diagnosed.

Examples of localised conditions are:

There are a number of symptoms that may be experienced by people suffering from RSI. General RSI symptoms include:

  • Pain in the joints and muscles which can affect the neck, hands, wrists, shoulders, fingers, upper back and arms.
  • Burning sensation, swelling, tightness, numbness and tingling sensation in the affected area
  • In some cases, discoloration of the skin may also occur
  • Muscle spasm
  • Loss of grip
  • A crackling feeling when the tendons in the affected area are pressed
  • Sensation of cold
  • Loss of movement
  • Pins and needles

It is important to seek medical assistance if you experience the symptoms of RSI and believe that you may be at a risk of developing the condition.

RSI Compensation Claims

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