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Tendonitis Compensation Claims

In a human body, there are a large number of tendons which are responsible for connecting the muscles to the bones. Tendons are thick fibrous tissues which aid in movement of the bones.

Any kind of excessive force or trauma which can damage the muscles can also damage the tendons. When tendons are damaged, it causes a condition known as tendonitis.

In the UK, it is the duty of every employer to take measures to protect the workers from risks of injuries and illnesses. When employers fail to comply with health and safety rules, sufferers may be entitled to make work injury claims. In this case, they may be entitled to make tendonitis compensation claims.

Tendonitis is a type of repetitive strain injury which means that it is caused when the tendons are overused. There are certain occupations where workers are at a risk of developing tendonitis. These are occupations where workers are required to perform heavy lifting tasks or repetitive movements. Some examples include factory production line workers, manual handling workers, computer workers, etc.

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