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Tenosynovitis Compensation Claims

Tenosynovitis is a type of repetitive strain injury in which the lining of the tendon becomes inflamed. The tendons are fibrous tissues which connect the muscles to the bones and aid in movement. These tendons are lined with sheaths which can become inflamed when excessive repetitive work is carried out. Tenosynovitis mostly affects the hands and wrists and people who work on computers on a regular basis are at a risk of developing this condition.

There are numerous other occupations where workers are at a risk of developing tenosynovitis. These include carpentry, roofing, construction, office workers, etc.

Symptoms of Tenosynovitis

Common symptoms include:

  • swelling
  • pain
  • stiffness in joints
  • tenderness

Symptoms usually occur whilst performing the repetitive activity which is responsible for causing tenosynovitis. When the activity ceases, the symptoms also subside. But, if the condition worsens over a period of time, it may become more painful and take weeks and even months to get rid of the symptoms.

As soon as you experience the symptoms of tenosynovitis, it is important to seek medical attention so that you receive proper treatment. MRI scans, X-rays and ultrasound can be used to diagnose tenosynovitis. It can be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs.

However, if the condition has worsened, it may require a plaster cast, surgery or physiotherapy.

Making Tenosynovitis Compensation Claims

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