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Ulnar Neuropathy Compensation Claims

Ulnar neuropathy occurs when the ulnar nerve becomes damaged. The ulnar nerve travels to the hand from the shoulder and is responsible for allowing movement and sensation of the hand and wrist.

Neuropathy means injury of a nerve and ulnar neuropathy relates to injury to the ulnar nerve. Damage to the ulnar nerve can cause various symptoms. This condition has the following causes:

  • long term pressure on the elbow
  • dislocation of the elbow
  • fracture of the elbow

Who Is At Risk?

Any person can develop ulnar neuropathy, but it is common among workers who perform repetitive tasks on a regular basis.

Workers who carry heavy loads or perform constant repetitive or throwing actions are at a greater risk of sustaining injury to the ulnar. If it can be established that you developed the condition due to your occupation, you may be entitled for compensation.

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