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Vibration White Finger Compensation Claims

Vibration white finger occurs when the tiny blood vessels in the fingers go into spasm. This usually happens when blood supply to the fingertips become constricted. As a result, the skin colour changes to white and creates lack of sensitivity and numbness. Vibration white finger is an industrial disease which is common among people who make use of vibrating hand held machinery on a regular basis.

If you have suffered as a result of developing vibration white finger at work, you may be eligible to make a vibration white finger compensation claim.

Every employer must take measures to ensure that their workers are protected from all risks of injuries and hazards. Employers whose employees work with vibrating machinery on a regular basis must:

  • ensure that they are given adequate breaks from using those vibrating tools
  • provide them with adequate personal protective equipment which includes anti-vibration gloves
  • keep tools and machinery maintained in good condition
  • provide proper training and information on how to use vibrating tools correctly
  • provide the right tools for the job they are doing
  • keep the working environment safe

Making A Vibration White Finger Compensation Claim

A vibration white finger compensation claim can be made if it can be established that you developed the condition as a result of your employer’s negligence to protect your health whilst at work.

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