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Accident And Emergency Compensation Claims

When patients need urgent medical care such as in the case of a road traffic accident, the accident and emergency department is the first place they are taken to. The accident and emergency department handle a diverse range of issues. When patients are taken to the A&E department, the duty of the staff include assessing their condition, providing adequate treatment or transferring them to a specialist department if they are in need of further care.

For this reason, it is essential that the accident and emergency staff are highly trained and flexible regarding the way they handle their patients.

In the UK, although accident and emergency department provide the highest level of medical care, sometimes, human errors and volume of patients contribute to medical negligence.

Common accident and emergency cases which can give rise to accident and emergency compensation claims include:

  • lack of examination
  • wrongful discharge
  • misdiagnosis
  • failure to refer the patient to a specialist department
  • wrong treatment
  • delayed diagnosis or treatment

Make An Accident And Emergency Claim

If you have suffered at the hands of medical professionals whilst being treated in the accident and emergency department, you may be eligible to make accident and emergency compensation claims. has a team of specialist medical negligence solicitors who will be happy to assist you with your case on a risk free No Win No Fee basis.

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