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Blood Clot Compensation Claims

A blood clot which is also known as venous thrombosis can be fatal. Blood clots usually develop as a result of orthopaedic surgery and patients who receive treatments in hospitals are at an increased risk of developing blood clots due to their lack of mobility. Blood clots can cause the body to become swollen and they can be extremely painful. It can also cause the patient’s skin to become shiny or tight.

A blot clot compensation claim can be made if there has been negligence on the part of medical professionals or failure to diagnose a blood clot.

Consequences Of A Blood Clot

A blood clot may have numerous effects. Some of the main ones include:

  • unexplained collapse which is often associated with chest pain
  • chest pain and breathlessness
  • sudden death if the blood clot is large enough to block the blood vessels which enter the lungs or block the heart

Orthopaedic units are required to give blood thinning drugs to patients to prevent blood clots during surgery and provide compression stockings. Unfortunately, it is seen that in some cases, the requirements are not met and medication is not dispensed as it has been prescribed to the patients. In such cases, blood clots can spread to the lungs can cause pulmonary emboli which can also result in death.

Making A Compensation Claim

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