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Blood Transfusion Error Compensation Claims

When blood transfusions are carried out, the blood must be of a compatible blood group and the procedure must be carried out by someone who has the necessary qualifications and skills.

The consequences of blood transfusion errors can be devastating. When doctors give a patient tainted or wrong type of blood, it can lead to serious injuries and illnesses. Some of the common types of injuries and illnesses resulting from blood transfusion errors include:

  • infectious diseases
  • bacterial infections
  • blood clots
  • contraction of incurable diseases such as AIDS, HIV and hepatitis
  • viral diseases

Critical parts of the body can be affected by blood transfusion errors. These include the kidneys, skin, blood vessels, lungs and the central nervous system.

Mistakes made during blood transfusions can be prevented if medical professionals don’t rush treatment and pay attention to detail. If it can be established that blood transfusion errors were made by medical professionals and it led to serious injuries or illnesses, it may be possible for the victim to make blood transfusion error compensation claims.

Making Blood Transfusion Error Compensation Claims

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