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Cerebral Palsy Compensation Claims

Cerebral palsy is a condition which involves the brain and affects nervous system functions such as learning, hearing, thinking, vision and movement. In most cases, this condition occurs before, during or shortly after birth. In the UK, for every 1000 babies born, there are at least 2 who develop cerebral palsy. Although this condition may arise due to complications during delivery, it also occurs as a result of medical negligence.

If your child or someone you love has developed cerebral palsy as a result of medical negligence, it is important for you to consider putting up a cerebral palsy compensation claim.

Causes of Cerebral Palsy

This condition results from damage to part of the brain. It may be caused due to the following:

  • If the mother is exposed to infections such as German measles during the early stages of pregnancy
  • If the baby does not grow at the correct rate in the mother’s womb
  • If insufficient levels of oxygen is supplied to the baby during delivery
  • If the baby develops a severe infection such as encephalitis or meningitis shortly after birth

In this condition, the brain injury damage is permanent and this can greatly affect the victim’s quality of life. It is extremely difficult to live with this condition because those who suffer from cerebral palsy are usually dependant on parents, family members and friends for the rest of their lives.

Making Cerebral Palsy Compensation Claims

If this life changing condition has affected someone you love, get in touch with us today and we will help you recover compensation that can help make a significant difference to the victim’s quality of life. Cerebral palsy has no cure, but the financial compensation that you receive can help provide for sufficient care that your loved one needs. solicitors have vast experience in handling all types of medical negligence compensation claims and we can also help you make a cerebral palsy compensation claim. We operate on a No Win No Fee basis and therefore you don’t have to worry about any costs and fees when making a claim with us.

For more information on making cerebral palsy claims, contact our compensation claim solicitors through our online claim form.