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Failed Sterilisation Compensation Claims

Sterilisation is a medical procedure which involves cutting, blocking or sealing the fallopian tubes that carry eggs to the uterus and stops fertilisation or meeting of sperm and egg. In other words, it is the only permanent means of contraception for women who do not want to have more children or any children.

In the UK, more than 10,000 women undergo sterilisation every year. However, the procedure is not successful all the time. If you have had unwanted pregnancies after undergoing sterilisation, you may be eligible to make failed sterilisation compensation claims.

Sometimes, failed sterilisation occurs simply because the fallopian tubes regrow. In other cases, it occurs because of a surgical error. When sterilisation is carried out, clips are used to block the fallopian tubes. When these clips are not properly secured into place, there are chances they may come free and this is when unwanted pregnancies can take place.

A failed sterilisation can be highly devastating and stressful. It can also cause financial difficulties for the parents, relationship problems and even changes to future plans. For this reason, you may be eligible to make failed sterilisation compensation claims if you have been affected by wrongful birth.

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