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Laser Eye Surgery Compensation Claims

Laser eye surgery is an invasive procedure which involves changing the shape of the cornea permanently and for this reason it is important for the surgeons to carry out the procedure safely. There are a number of complications which can arise as a result of the surgeon’s negligence during the procedure. If the surgeon had been negligent and you suffered unnecessary pain and harm, you may be eligible to make laser eye surgery compensation claims.

Laser Eye Surgery Errors

A number of problems can arise from laser eye surgeries. Some of the common problems that can give rise to potential laser eye surgery compensation claims include:

Deterioration in vision – although a large number of laser eye surgeries are successful, there are a number of people who experience problems with eyesight and may need to undergo further surgery.

Blindness – incorrect use of laser can result in blindness

Dryness of the eyes – some of the common side effects of dryness of the eyes include stinging and burning sensation.

Corneal Ectasia – this is a rare complication and the result is build up of fluid pressure in the eye.

Night vision problems – a starburst effect is what most people report following incorrect laser eye surgery. This makes driving at night difficult.

Astigmatism – causes ghost images and double vision.

Making A Claim

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