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MRSA Compensation Claims

MRSA which stands for Methicillin Resistant Staphlococcus Aureus has been around since a very long time. The Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria can be found naturally on the skin or in the nose of about 30% of the human population. For most people, it does not cause any problems, injuries or infections. But, if the bacterium makes it way into the body through a cut or wound, it can cause serious infections known as MRSA. Some of the other risk factors include having a weak immune system, having intravenous drips and catheters, etc.

Infections can be mild or serious. In some cases, it can even cause death. It is believed that MRSA is mostly contracted in hospitals and for this reason, it is known as a hospital acquired infection. If you have suffered as a result of contracting MRSA whilst receiving treatment in a hospital, you may be eligible to make MRSA compensation claims.

Symptoms of MRSA

Some of the common symptoms of MRSA include:

  • wound discharge and infection
  • septic shock
  • delayed wound healing
  • septicaemia
  • boils
  • skin abscesses
  • impetigo
  • cellulitis

The severity of the symptoms and the condition usually depend on whether the bacterium has entered the bloodstream or not. If it has, symptoms can be even more severe. This can include blood poisoning pneumonia and meningitis. MRSA has also proven to be fatal in a number of cases.

Preventing MRSA Infections

MRSA is mainly spread through skin contact, contact through equipment, bedsheets and towels. For this reason, it is important that hospitals practice strict hygiene and take measures to prevent the infection.

Hospitals must ensure that patients with MRSA are isolated and cleanliness standards are maintained. Regular cleaning of wards, using disposable gloves, using suitable disinfectants and stringent hand washing can help prevent MRSA infection.

In addition, wounds and cuts must be cleaned well and covered at all times to prevent the spread of MRSA.

Making MRSA Compensation Claims

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