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Prescription Error Compensation Claims

Taking the wrong type of medication can have serious health implications. It can lead to serious side effects and can also result in death. If you have suffered injuries and illnesses due to prescription errors, you may be eligible to make prescription error compensation claims. A claim for compensation can be made against the hospital or general practitioner where you received prescription for wrong medication. It can also be made against the pharmacist if the error occurred as a result of the pharmacist misreading the prescription.

At, we have expert clinical negligence solicitors who have vast experience in handling prescription error claims. If you have suffered at the hands of incompetent doctors, healthcare providers or pharmacists, we will help you put up a claim for compensation.

Examples of Prescription Errors

Prescription errors can take place due to many different reasons. These include:

Incorrect medication – this includes prescribing medication which is not suitable for the patients need.

Prescribing two incompatible medications – there are a number of medications which are not compatible with each other. Prescribing two incompatible medications can result in serious side effects.

Incorrect dosage prescribed – although the medication is correct, sometimes incorrect dosage can cause serious health implications.

Medication prescribed to which the patient is allergic – when a patient is given medication to which he/she is allergic, serious reactions can occur.

Misdiagnosis results in prescription for wrong medication – when a condition is misdiagnosis, the doctor or G.P may end up prescribing the wrong type of medication.

Adult dosage given to child – dosage for medications differs for children and adults. When children receive prescription for adult dosage, it can cause serious side effects.

Prescription errors can lead to a number of serious health consequences. These include:

  • allergic reaction
  • blindness
  • brain damage
  • psychological illness
  • digestive problems such as stomach bleeding and ulcers

We Can Help You Make Prescription Error Claims

At, we have expert clinical negligence solicitors who can help you make prescription error compensation claims. Since our solicitors work on a risk free No Win No Fee basis, you will not be charged anything for your prescription error compensation claim.

To find out if you are entitled to make a No Win No Fee prescription error compensation claim, simply complete our online claim form. We will then call you back and provide all the help and advice you need to put up a claim for compensation.