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Skin Cancer Misdiagnosis Compensation Claims

Skin cancer is mainly caused by being exposed to the sun for long periods of time. It can also be caused by over-exposure to sunlamps and sunbeds. There are a number of symptoms which can be experienced by people suffering from skin cancer. These include changes in colour, shape and size of a mole, a new mole, raised bumps and discoloured patches.

If you notice such changes to your skin, it is important to see a doctor. The doctor will then be required to take a biopsy and send it for analysis. If skin cancer is misdiagnosed, the results can be devastating. In some cases, it can also be fatal. Therefore, it is the duty of medical professionals to correctly diagnose skin cancer so that proper treatment can be received in a timely manner.

How Many Different Types of Skin Cancer Are There?

Given below is information about the two different types of skin cancer.

The two main types of cancer include non melanoma skin cancer and malignant melanoma. Non melanoma skin cancer can further be divided into two types. These include squamous and basal cell skin cancer. These types are the most common types of skin cancer which people suffer from in the UK.

Malignant Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer and therefore, it is important that it is diagnosed at an early stage. Early diagnosis can help in treatment, but if the cancer is diagnosed at a later stage, it can prove to be fatal.

In a number of cases, cancer is misdiagnosed as a result of medical negligence. If you have suffered just because your G.P had failed to diagnose skin cancer at an early stage or has misdiagnosed skin cancer, you may be eligible to make skin cancer misdiagnosis compensation claim. Medical Negligence Solicitors

If you have suffered as a result of medical negligence, you may be eligible to make a compensation claim. Skin cancer cases arise mostly as a result of the failure of medical professionals to diagnose skin cancer in a timely manner. If you have suffered the same, we would like to help you recover compensation for your pain and losses. medical negligence solicitors have years of experience in handling all types of medical negligence claims including those arising out of skin cancer misdiagnosis. If you think you have a skin cancer misdiagnosis case, complete our online claim form and we will call you back with all the information and legal help you need to pursue a skin cancer misdiagnosis compensation claim.