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Spinal Cord Injury Clinical Negligence Claims

A spinal injury can affect the quality of a person’s life, their ability to work as well as live independently. Patients with spinal cord injury may require mobility aids, rehabilitation, specialist medical care and adaptations to their home. If a spinal cord injury has occurred through clinical negligence, it is important for the victim to seek specialist legal advice. This is because they may be eligible to make spinal cord injury clinical negligence claims.

Spinal Cord Injuries Resulting From Clinical Negligence

Clinical negligence is when a patient suffers injuries as a result of receiving substandard level of medical care. Surgical errors and clinical negligence can cause many different types of personal injury and it can also include injury to the spine. Here are some of the ways in which clinical negligence can result in spinal cord injury.

Surgical errors – spinal injuries can occur due to mistakes made during a surgery. Mistakes can be made when operating on or near the spinal cord.

Misdiagnosis – when misdiagnosis of a spinal condition occurs, the patient may not receive proper treatment. This can make the spinal condition worse and as a result, the patient will not be able to recover from the condition.

Delayed diagnosis – delayed diagnosis of a spinal condition or injury may result in the condition or injury becoming worse. For example, cauda equina syndrome is a condition which requires immediate medical treatment. If treatment is delayed, the result can be serious or permanent damage to the spine.

Lack of care – when patients are not given adequate care in the hospital, there are chances of being involved in accidents and sustaining spinal injuries. For example, patients who have mobility problems, problems with balance and visual impairments require special attention and when they are not given proper care, they can become involved in accidents and falls.

Birth injury – mismanagement of delivery can result in spinal injury to the mother or the baby.

Making Spinal Injury Clinical Negligence Claims

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