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Common Types Of Surgical Errors

Mistakes can happen during surgery.  Every year, a large number of people suffer pain, injuries and losses due to surgical errors.  In some cases, surgical patients have even suffered paralysis, serious injuries as well as death due to errors made by surgeons.  Mistakes during surgery can be committed by the surgeon, hospital staff or healthcare providers.

All surgical procedures are risky and therefore it is essential that surgeons and medical professionals are extremely careful when they carry out surgical procedures.  Negligent surgeons greatly increase the risk of injuries and death.  If you have suffered at the hands of a negligent surgeon, you may be able to make surgical error claims.

Here’s a look at some of the common types of surgical errors:

Foreign objects left in the body – it is possible that surgeons can leave foreign objects such as clamps, gauzes, pads, scalpels, etc in the patient’s body during surgery which can cause extreme pain and suffering.  It can also cause infections and lead to death.

Wrong site surgery – there are a number of factors which can lead to this type of surgical error.  This can include poor hospital protocol, miscommunication between surgeons and lack of preoperative verification.  All these mix up can result in removal of healthy organs and surgeries taking place on the wrong part of the body.  There have been cases, where patients have had their healthy kidneys removed instead of the diseased ones and where patients have had wrong leg amputated.

Anaesthesia errors – errors in anaesthesia can be serious and deadly too.  Sometimes, patients are administered anaesthesia that is more than what is required.  In these cases, the patient is deprived of oxygen during the surgery which can lead to brain damage.  Anaesthetic awareness can also occur where the patient may regain consciousness during surgery and experience a great deal of pain.

Nerve damage – surgeons have to be extremely careful when they perform surgeries.  This is because a slight slip of the scalpel can result in nerve damage and damage to internal organs.  Such errors do not only result in pain and suffering, but they can cause infections, disabilities, paralysis and even death.

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