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Undiagnosed Fracture Compensation Claims

Broken bones and fractures can occur in many different ways. In most cases, fractures are a result of road accidents and slips, trips and falls. When a patient is admitted in the hospital, most of these accidents are recognised and the Accident and Emergency department is successful in detecting fractures and treating the problem. On the other hand, in some cases, a fracture is missed or undiagnosed. If you have found yourself in a similar situation, it is important for you to seek legal help and consider making an undiagnosed fracture compensation claim.

It is the responsibility of medical professionals in the Accident and Emergency department of the hospital to carry out tests and recognise a fracture if it is present. If a doctor misdiagnoses a fracture as a sprain and the sends the patient back with painkillers, you may be eligible to make undiagnosed fracture compensation claim.

What Are The Symptoms of Undiagnosed Fractures

Common symptoms include:

  • numbness
  • swelling
  • paralysis
  • weak pulse directly below the fracture
  • dislocation
  • bleeding
  • localised pain

Legal Help With Undiagnosed Fracture Compensation Claims

At, we have a supportive and sensitive approach to helping victims of clinical negligence recover compensation for the injuries and losses they have suffered. Our compensation claim solicitors have helped thousands of people recover substantial compensation for the injuries and damages they have suffered as a result of someone else’s negligence.

If you have suffered as a result of undiagnosed fractures, we will use a No Win No Fee scheme to deal with your case. If you have an undiagnosed fracture claim that you would like our expert clinical negligence solicitors to assess, simply contact us through our online claim form.