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Military Medical Negligence Claims

Members of the armed forces work in some of the most dangerous environments and conditions.  These people not only have to endure physical hardship, but mental hardship as well.  If they are injured whilst serving in the armed forces, it is crucial that they receive the highest standard of medical care possible.  However, there are times when these standards are not met and the consequences are devastating for the patients.

Injuries to the members of the armed forces can occur in a variety of ways.  This can include road accidents, accidents during training exercises, sports accidents and so on.

When military personnel are injured, they receive treatment from the MOD medical professionals.  In the majority of the cases, the treatment received by the members of the armed forces is of a high standard.  But, this does not mean that mistakes cannot be made.

There have been cases when military personnel have become victims of medical negligence.  If you have served in the armed forces and have been a victim of negligent medical treatment, you may be entitled to make military medical negligence claims.

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Military personnel are entitled to the same level and standard of medical care that a civilian is.  This is also true for members of their families who receive treatment by military medical professionals.  If the level or standard of medical care was inadequate and it has resulted in injuries and harm to you, we can help you make a claim.

We have successfully handled a number of military medical negligence claims on behalf of military personnel who have suffered at the hands of negligent medical professionals.

We will give specialist care and attention to your claim and our experience in such cases means that you can rest assured that your claim is in the right hands.

We will also use a risk free no win no fee service to deal with your claim.

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