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Military Road Accident Compensation Claims

Accidents on the roads are quite common, so during your employment with the armed forces, it is possible that you may have been involved in a road collision.  Road accidents affecting members of the armed forces can occur whilst on duty or off duty, however, it is the circumstances of the accident that will determining whether a claim for compensation is possible.

If you have been involved in a road accident in the UK and have been injured, you may be able to make a military road accident compensation claim against the responsible party in the same way as a member of the public can.  This is regardless of the fact that whether the party responsible for causing you injuries is another armed forces member or a civilian.

If the accident happened abroad and involved a member of the public, it is essential to consult with an injury solicitor in the country where it all happened.  However, if the accident happened whilst you were on-duty and the responsible party was another armed forces member, making a claim will be quite straightforward and you can seek the services of a solicitor based in the UK.  A claim for compensation in the UK may not be possible if an accident occurred as a direct result of a conflict that you were dealing with.  In any case, it is advisable to seek legal help and find out what options you have.

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